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Auxil | Zebra Pinter Connector App

With our Zebra Printer Connector app you can print labels on a Zebra printer with data from your Exact Online administration.

What does it do? Print Item labels on the basis of sales orders from Exact Online.

How does it work? With this app you can select the sales orders from which you like to print labels. Then per sales order you can select if and how much labels you would like to print. After you have made this selection, push the Print button and the labels will be printed on your Dymo label printer.

Which info is printed? Once, a label layout has to be made. On this lay-out you can determine the field where data has to be printed*. The data can be either text or information from Exact. Thereafter in the app you can link information from Exact to the fields on the label layout.

*You can either do this yourself or we can do it for a fixed fee of € 100.-


  • Quick! Print directly article labels with data from your sales orders
  • No more mistakes caused by manual entry.
  • Extensive select possibilities

You can try the app 30 days for free. After this period you can subscribe for the amount of € 27 per month. This is the price for 1 Zebra Printer printer and administration. Extra printers or administrations can be added for the price of € 13.50 per month.